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A Mambo for your Chicken Account

Invited to pitch a major fried chicken account, an agency developed a series of campaigns to the music of Mambo legend Perez-Prado.

giphy-1The Agency presented storyboards.

And they walked the potential Client frame by frame.

It was in the middle of the pitch, a hot mid-afternoon in a room-full of people and right after lunch, that the Creative Director, seeing that he was losing his audience, turned on the music.


And even louder.

That prompted a potential Client’s comment of “Wow. That music’s great! How do you dance that?”. giphy

To which the presenter asked the account person leading the pitch to show the room how to Mambo.

No one else joined.

Stoic, or perhaps secretly enjoying it, he danced an entire song.

Agency won the pitch.

Commercial was shot and went on the air.

Account Manager, to this day many chicken meals later, refuses to speak to the Creative.