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Amazon Indians vs Ninja Warriors

You don’t have to be an Amazon Indian, a Borneo Aborigene or a Ninja Warrior to use a powerful dart blower.

tumblr_mt2r9hXA541s283tdo1_1280In fact, you can make one yourself with readily available office materials. All you need is an 8 1/2 by 11 piece of thick paper to fashion the gun, rolling into a tube and taping it in position, and a 3 x 6 inch sheet of thin paper, to make the dart.

To make the dart, you hold the sheet vertically, roll the paper diagonally around the lower tip, which you then glue using good old saliva. As with spitballs, saliva and paper are great companions.

You then fit the dart into the gun, trimming excess paper (that which doesn’t fit snug). tumblr_n2v4clElWE1s0m9s7o1_500

And you blow.

It can easily travel 20-25 feet.

That’s how a Creative Brainstorming session became an Amazon vs Ninja battle one long evening. Darts, laughter and some good-old Absolut Vodka got everyone’s creative juices flowing.

It also started a fascination with darts and blowguns and soon the weapons became more sophisticated as people brought metal of fiberglass pipes.

Varying caliber (diameter and length) meant more thrust and that darts could reach from one end of the hallway to another.

And people’s backsides (boys and girls) were favorite targets.

All in jest.

Then someone wondered if a dart could travel across the street.

And it did.

tumblr_ljqj4gTqD61qijfqzo1_r1_250So Creatives in a 25th New York City office floor took aim at the office across the street. And bingo, it went thru the narrowly open window.

Creatives would laugh non stop watching the faces of the people across the street wondering what those were.

Once or twice people were hit.



As all good things come to an end, one day the entire Creative Department, some 15 people (boys and girls, as you can’t call them adults) decided to launch a fusillade to the building across the street.

Curtains were drawn, people took positions.

“On your marks, take aim, fire!”, shouted a Creative Director.

Noone ever got the chance to laugh at the neighbors’s surprise because the event coincided with the Fire Inspection.

A shitload of trouble ensued.

Dartguns, once again, were left to the Amazon Indians, Borneo Aborigenes, and Ninja Warriors.