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TMI — Definitely T.M.I.

Everyone has to take a dump and that’s just the way it is.

Most people try not do to it in the office — in fact manuals have been written on what to do in case you need to take a major one in the office.

giphyThat probably had to go through this expensive Director’s mind when he held an entire shoot for 45 minutes while he did his duty.

The standard procedure during a shoot is to feed crew, agency and client. It is demanded by the Union, expected by the Agency (catering can be pretty fancy) and a good way to catch up, socialize with the Client.

And so it was that one particular day, right after lunch that the Director’s bowels could no longer hold their content and he had to excuse himself.

It so happens that the bathroom was located too close for comfort to the set.

And so he went.

And stayed.

And stayed longer.

And even longer.

And people kept looking at each other.

Toilet_DiveAnd everyone knew the man was taking a shit.





And he stayed almost 45 minutes.

And when he walked out, a newspaper under his arm, he delivered his instructions to the crew. “Let’s move on to Number 2″.

And a little voice from the exasperated and embarrassed crew said.

“Didn’t you just do that?”